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Frank Iero's Tattoos - A Catalog

I have been attempting to compile a comprehensive catalog of Frank's tattoos with photos, explanations or meanings, dates, designs, tattoo artist, fandom reaction, etc. Here is the information (without pictures) that I have compiled to date with separate sections for his back, left arm, hands, right arm, waist, legs, neck, chest, other, and a tentative general timeline. Here are the pictures that I have found. Other sources that I have looked at include 1)The Chronology of Frankie's Tattoos, 2)Watch Frank Get Inked, 3)The Patient's Album of Frank's Tattoos, 4) frank iero.net, and 5) the two magazines (Metal Hammer-Tatts Life and Tattoo Magazine) that feature interviews with Frank.

In general, does anyone have any thing to add to the material that I have collected? More specific dates on tattoos or more detailed explanations? Better photographs? Did I miss anything?

In particular:
1) Frank has a tattoo on his right shin that hasn't been identified. It is here and here. Does anyone know what this is? Has anyone seen it up close or have a better photograph? EDIT: Just to clarify, Frank does have a Misfits tattoo on his left shin. There are at least two clear pictures of it. However, it also looks like there is a colored tattoo on his other shin. Sorry for the confusion!
2) Frank references his Our Lady of Sorrows as a band image. Does anyone know of a band image, merch, concept, etc that was similar?
3) Some internet sources suggest that the Japanese style sun with the black rose and a swirl of guns on his left elbow was done in two-three stages. Does anyone have any pictures or personal recollections to confirm or deny this?
4) Frank has "revenge" written on the inside of his left wrist. He is attributed as saying: "One of my best friends is James Dewees who sings for Reggie And The Full Effect who played with us on Warped Tour. We have matching tattoos. Cool huh?" Does anyone have a source for this quote? Failing that does anyone have a picture of James with the "revenge" tattoo? ANSWERED!: Thanks to wax_jism. The source is CosmoGirl (March 2006). Still looking for pictures of James' full arm . . .
5) "i wish i were a ghost" written on Frank's right wrist in red is rumored to be a Pencey Prep lyric. I cannot find the phrase in any of the lyrics on the internet. Does anyone know if it came from a Pencey Prep song? ANSWERED!: here by thomasbecket@lj The lyric is from a Pencey Prep song, Death of the Lion-Hearted, a never-really-officially released track. I am still looking for the lyrics . . .
6) Frank has F.T.W. written on his right arm. Internet rumor says that it stands for "fuck the world" and that the initials are also on his guitar picks. Can anyone confirm this preferably with pictures? ANSWERED!: orangesky@lj provided a picture of the F.T.W. on his pick here and I found a picture of the wolf side from pookie_ray (here). The only question is if F.T.W. stands for "fuck the world" which seems likely.
7) Fans noticed Frank with a neck tattoo on his left side in March 2007. Sources vary as to whether it says "Jinx removed" or "Jinx removing." Sources also can't decide whether the date is "3-7-07" or "3-8-07." Can anyone clear this up? ANSWERED!: It seems likely that the date is 3-7-07 see #8 and "Jinx removing"
8) In addition, people seem split on whether the date is for Mikey's wedding or his wedding. Does anyone have dates for Mikey's wedding or the date of Frank's wedding? ANSWERED!: by lovesongwriter@lj - Mikey on 03/07/2007 and Frank on 02/05/2007 according to Clark County.
9) Does anyone know if Frank still has the NJ tattooed on the inside of his lower lip? ANSWERED!: It seems unlikely that a lip tattoo would last this long (over 3 years) without a touch up. Does anyone know if he has had it retouched?
10) Does anyone know the date that Frank filmed his LA Ink episode? I figure that it was likely in late July or August 2007.
11) Can anyone clear up my Kat Von D Frankenstein tattoo confusion? Kat stated in Chord magazine that she did a Frankenstein tattoo on Frank. I assumed that it was the one on his right arm (picture) while other fans posted this tattoo from Kat's website.
12) Fans have said that Frank doesn't mind talking about his tattoos or other people's ink. Does anyone have any personal experiences that they wouldn't mind sharing? Are there any show reviews or meet and greet recollections that mention Frank's tattoos or talking to Frank about tattoos?
13) And since I am asking, does anyone know the date of this Metal Hammer article?

I apologize for the length of this post. Any input would be really appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: Does anyone know any of the other tattoo artists (besides Kat Von D) that have tattooed Frank?
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